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Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt – $20.00

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Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt
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Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt.

Yeah, Rick, we know. “Cocaine is a helluva drug.” But so is caffeine! And while it may not compel me to slap my good friend across the face, or kick mud all over his suede couch, that morning cup of joe gives me all the buzz I need!

Matter of fact, as you’re reading this, I’m on my ninth cup of the day and feelin’ great! Haven’t slept a wink in two days. Say what? Oh. Thought you said something. So what were we talking about? Oh yes, feeling great! I just wish those bagpipes would stop. Wait, seriously, you don’t hear that? I could swear I hear bagpipes off in the distance. Maybe that’s the air conditioning. Yeah, I know it’s not even on, I’m just saying. Wait, did you see┬áthat? I think a lizard just ran under the fridge.

Anyways, I think we were talking about the time I almost made a triple play in Little League. What? Oh, sorry, didn’t realize I was sitting on you. Man, I think I need some more coffee!


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