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Lincoln Crossbones T-Shirt – $20.00

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Lincoln Crossbones T-Shirt
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Lincoln Crossbones T-Shirt.

They say Abe Lincoln’s ghost haunts several rooms of the Whitehouse. That’d probably be a pretty scary ghost. I mean, even when Lincoln was alive he looked like death warmed over. I don’t even want to imagine what he looks like dead.

Think about it, though. If you didn’t know he was the most beloved president of all time, savior of the nation, emancipator of the slaves, he’d pretty much be the stuff of nightmares. Those sunken cheekbones. That freaky, dead-in-the-eyes gaze. His head practically looks like a skull to begin with. All you need is the eyepatch and crossbones and — presto! — Ghost Pirate Lincoln.

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