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Size Matters T-Shirt – $20.00

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Size Matters T-Shirt
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Size Matters T-Shirt.

Sure, the name “Size Matters” might be a little suggestive. One might even call it crass. But that’s kind of how we are. Or more accurately, that’s how you are. That’s right! Because as those of you who follow us on Facebook know, this is our first-ever t-shirt named by you, the fans. (Well, one of you, anyway. Congratulations, Alison.)

And this bold little experiment just proved what we’ve known all along — that we have the smartest, wittiest, and sometimes sickest customers in the known t-shirt world. Frankly, it was a shame to have to throw out some of the other inspired suggestions (“Sinbad’s Kitchen,” “Mommy’s Little Helper,” and “Top Chef: Caribbean Edition,” just to name a few). But then, life is full of tough decisions.

Here lies an easy decision, though: Yes, you want this t-shirt!

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