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Pour Some Sugar On Me T-Shirt

Pour Some Sugar On Me T-Shirt$19.95

Pour Some Sugar On Me T-Shirt. Because a cereal made up of marshmellows isn’t sweet enough for me.

Wake and Bake T-Shirt

Wake and Bake T-Shirt$20.00

Wake and Bake T-Shirt. This is some quality shirt right here, man.

Gif Peanut Butter T-Shirt

Gif Peanut Butter T-Shirt$20.00

Gif Peanut Butter T-Shirt. I hate the way it always sticks to your email.

Sausage Fest T-Shirt

Sausage Fest T-Shirt$20.00

Sausage Fest T-Shirt. Meat and greet.

High Five T-Shirt

High Five T-Shirt$20.00

High Five T-Shirt. They go together like peanut butter and chicken.

Toaster Love T-Shirt

Toaster Love T-Shirt$20.00

Toaster Love T-Shirt. She’s hot for him.

Condiment Pyramid T-Shirt

Condiment Pyramid T-Shirt$20.00

Condiment Pyramid T-Shirt. Fact: If you can’t dip stuff in it, it’s not nutritious.

Satriale’s Pork Store T-Shirt

Satriale’s Pork Store T-Shirt$20.00

Satriale’s Pork Store T-Shirt. Cholesterol is the greatest killer of all. After that it’s Paulie Walnuts.

SILF T-Shirt

SILF T-Shirt$20.00

SILF T-Shirt. Where’s the best place to meet a hot sandwich? The club. Baby, I like it rye.

First is the Wurst T-Shirt

First is the Wurst T-Shirt$10.00

First is the Wurst T-Shirt. Brat’ his A-game.

Practice Safe Lunch: Use a Condiment T-Shirt

Practice Safe Lunch: Use a Condiment T-Shirt$20.00

Practice Safe Lunch: Use a Condiment T-Shirt. Gently unroll the condiment all the way down to the base of the sandwich. If you don’t get it on the first time, throw the condiment away and start again.

Fortune Cookie T-Shirt

Fortune Cookie T-Shirt$20.00

Fortune Cookie T-Shirt. “Quick! Find a cookie that says, ‘Just kidding.’”


FREE TIBET T-Shirt$13.99

FREE TIBET T-Shirt. Free Tibet! * *With the purchase of any regular priced combo! Own this Free Tibet T-shirt and show your support for the Tibetan people and takeout food!

Lemon Grenade T-Shirt

Lemon Grenade T-Shirt$14.99

Lemon Grenade T-Shirt. Cave Johnson’s Lemon Grenade T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton and combustible lemons by the pros at Aperture Science. “When life gives you lemons, burn life’s house down.” – Cave Johnson.



SOYLENT GREEN T-Shirt. Celebrate the great taste of Soylent Green with this awesome Soylent Green T-shirt. The secret is out! Now your family can enjoy Soylent Green more than ever. The Soylent Green you loved as a kid is back with more people in every bite! Get this funny t-shirt today! Remember Soylent Green is not […]

Admiral Ackbar Cereal T-Shirt

Admiral Ackbar Cereal T-Shirt$14.99

Admiral Ackbar Cereal T-Shirt. It’s a trap! Your torso can’t repel flavor of this magnitude! Admiral Ackbar cereal with colorful marshmallows, imitation crabmeat and now it’s on a t-shirt. Get your own Admiral Ackbar Cereal T-Shirt today. Made of 100% cotton and 100% awesome.

Mission Taco T-Shirt

Mission Taco T-Shirt$20.00

Mission Taco T-Shirt. The problem with ranting against “Mission hipsters” is that everyone is one, and nobody admits to being one. We, on the other hand, freely admit guilt. But if you’re still grappling with whether you qualify, here’s a quick test: 1. Do you sometimes call Ritual Roasters “the office?” (Add 1 point.) 2. […]

Ribwich World Tour T-Shirt

Ribwich World Tour T-Shirt$16.00

Ribwich World Tour T-Shirt. The animal they made it from is now extinct.

SPAM T-Shirt

SPAM T-Shirt$16.00

SPAM T-Shirt. SPAM is much better through a filter, or pan-fried.

Pour Some Sugar on Me T-Shirt

Pour Some Sugar on Me T-Shirt$16.00

Pour Some Sugar on Me T-Shirt. Unless you’re eating Cookie Crisp, please don’t put sugar on that.

Broccoli T-Shirt

Broccoli T-Shirt$16.00

Broccoli T-Shirt. This sets the vegetarian movement back 10 years.

BILF T-Shirt

BILF T-Shirt$16.00

BILF T-Shirt. It’s important to get busy with the first meal of the day.

Chubby Pickle Company T-Shirt

Chubby Pickle Company T-Shirt$16.00

Chubby Pickle Company T-Shirt. Flaccid pickles need not apply at The Chubby Pickle Company. We sell nothing but the chubbiest.

Tocino Bacon T-Shirt

Tocino Bacon T-Shirt$16.00

Tocino Bacon T-Shirt. I don’t always eat bacon, but when I do…….. I prefer bacon.

Peanut Butter And Jelly – BFF T-Shirt

Peanut Butter And Jelly – BFF T-Shirt$22.95

Peanut Butter And Jelly – BFF T-Shirt. Though the pair enjoy many creamy days of tasty goodness, PB & J have also seen their fair share of crunchy times and sticky situations.  As BFF’s, they stick together through it all.

He Has No Idea His Head Is On Fire T-Shirt

He Has No Idea His Head Is On Fire T-Shirt$19.95

He Has No Idea His Head Is On Fire T-Shirt. He just enjoys being the center of attention.

Muffin Much T-Shirt

Muffin Much T-Shirt$19.95

Muffin Much T-Shirt. Talking food always makes for a good shirt.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! T-Shirt

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! T-Shirt$19.95

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! T-Shirt. You know you love it, don’t try and deny it.

A Big Missed Steak T-Shirt

A Big Missed Steak T-Shirt$19.95

A Big Missed Steak T-Shirt. But on the plus side that means more steak for me!

Gimme Some Sugar Baby T-Shirt

Gimme Some Sugar Baby T-Shirt$19.95

Gimme Some Sugar Baby T-Shirt. Hail to the king baby.

You Complete Me T-Shirt

You Complete Me T-Shirt$19.95

You Complete Me T-Shirt. You make me whole.

Unicorn, A Single Corn T-Shirt

Unicorn, A Single Corn T-Shirt$19.95

Unicorn, A Single Corn T-Shirt. I don’t know why unicorns are such a big deal.  There are hundreds on a single cob.

Cholesterol A Fancy Word For Flavor T-Shirt

Cholesterol A Fancy Word For Flavor T-Shirt$19.95

Cholesterol A Fancy Word For Flavor T-Shirt. If it wasn’t good for me, my body wouldn’t think it is so tasty.

All Your Bacon Are Belong To Us T-Shirt

All Your Bacon Are Belong To Us T-Shirt$19.95

All Your Bacon Are Belong To Us T-Shirt. Internet in the 90s, nothing finer.

Hola, Soy Milk T-Shirt

Hola, Soy Milk T-Shirt$19.95

Hola, Soy Milk T-Shirt. I didn’t know my milk was Spanish.

Easter Egg You Look Like A Hussy T-Shirt

Easter Egg You Look Like A Hussy T-Shirt$21.95

Easter Egg You Look Like A Hussy T-Shirt. You can tell those easter eggs just wanted to be found by the way they’re painted.

S’more T-Shirt

S’more T-Shirt$19.95

S’more T-Shirt. Makes you wonder why the chocolate and graham cracker are so excited to be eaten…

Omnomnomivore T-Shirt

Omnomnomivore T-Shirt$19.95

Omnomnomivore T-Shirt. Please take note, bears love hamburgers.

Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt

Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt$14.99

Hungry for something different?  Try Zombies and Eat Flesh! Remember at Zombies, the people make the difference! A fresh take on Subway as only the guys at T-Shirt Bordello can do. Click Here to Buy this T-Shirt  

You Had Me At Bacon T-Shirt

You Had Me At Bacon T-Shirt$18.95

A super sweet t-shirt from Snorg Tees.  You had me at bacon in text printed on a cranberry super soft t-shirt. Click here to Buy this T-Shirt.