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Hang In There T-Shirt

Hang In There T-Shirt$24.00

Hang In There T-Shirt. Chin up, little guy! Hang in there! Everything’s gonna be OK! Because you’ve got determination. You’re a sloth, dammit! Forget what they say — you’re the most determined animal on Earth. You’re like nature’s version of the freaky kid in school that all the bullies pick on. You’re slow as molasses […]

Sick Sad World T-Shirt

Sick Sad World T-Shirt$20.00

Sick Sad World T-Shirt. The only show that answers the tough questions: Can monkeys surf the net… and corrupt our kids?

Go Ape: Brains T-Shirt

Go Ape: Brains T-Shirt$20.00

Go Ape: Brains T-Shirt. If I only had a shirt…by Go Ape Shirts

Viva La Evolucion T-Shirt

Viva La Evolucion T-Shirt$20.00

Viva La Evolucion T-Shirt. Remember the evolutionary war? The red-shirts are coming!

I Believe T-Shirt

I Believe T-Shirt$15.99

I Believe T-Shirt. I believe! Enjoy the mysteries of the universe and this fun tee. UFOs, Bigfoot and the Loc Ness monster. What more do you need? And it’s made of comfy 100% cotton too. Made of super soft pre-shrunk 100% ring spun cotton, this tee is an American Apparel 5 ounce tee and features […]

Baboons Typing T-Shirt

Baboons Typing T-Shirt$20.00

Baboons Typing T-Shirt. Dan Brown’s highly anticipated new novel hit a snag on Tuesday when the “Da Vinci Code” author realized that the 50 monkeys he purchased to write the novel were, in fact, vicious baboons. According to one of Brown’s human assistants, the author realized the error within seconds of opening the first crate. […]

Cro-Magnum T-Shirt

Cro-Magnum T-Shirt$20.00

Cro-Magnum T-Shirt. They don’t make cops like Hairy Cromagnum anymore. And that’s not just because the last of his species died 10,000 years ago. See, Hairy is another kind endangered species: a tough-as-nails detective who makes his own rules. And now he faces an enemy more treacherous than a crazed mammoth: pencil pushing bureaucrats who […]

Sasquatch Cyclist T-Shirt

Sasquatch Cyclist T-Shirt$20.00

Sasquatch Cyclist T-Shirt. Don’t miss the new issue of Sasquatch Cyclist, on news stands now! In this month’s issue: • Make Tracks! Our annual “Most Livable Isolated Woodland Areas” survey is in! (Watch out, Upper Saskatchewan!) • Out of Sight! The five best cameras for taking blurry, inconclusive photos • Sweating Like a Skunk Ape? […]

Cold War Vet T-Shirt

Cold War Vet T-Shirt$20.00

Cold War Vet T-Shirt. The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today plans for a “long overdue” memorial to veterans of the Cold War. “Sure, we have memorials to the Vietnam War and the Korean War – which were tangentially related to the Cold War – but what about the brave Americans — and monkeys — […]

Forefather T-Shirt

Forefather T-Shirt$20.00

Forefather T-Shirt. What would our forefathers say if they were alive today? I’ll tell you what they’d say. They’d say, “Shame on you, homo sapien!” I mean, seriously folks, is this what 65 million years of evolution gets us? DidSuminia getmanovi give us opposable thumbs so that we could waste them on marathon sessions of “Angry Birds?” […]

Monkey Chandelier T-Shirt

Monkey Chandelier T-Shirt$20.00

Monkey Chandelier T-Shirt. Isn’t this what you picture after the Apocalypse hits? The walls of civilized society crumble, leaving whatever zoo creatures survived to run free in once-opulent mansions.

Le King Kong T-Shirt

Le King Kong T-Shirt$24.00

Le King Kong T-Shirt. Zut alors! It’s What’s that beast scaling up the Eiffel Tower? It’s King Kong’s French cousin, “Le King Kong!” Those planes better watch out or they’ll get swatted with his giant baguette! (Incidentally, where do you think he got a roll of French bread that big? Does he go to an […]

Spider Monkey T-Shirt

Spider Monkey T-Shirt$19.95

Spider Monkey T-Shirt. Though relatively small, spider monkeys are world-renowned for their feisty nature, especially when on the attack.