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Frank N Steins T-Shirt

Frank N Steins T-Shirt$14.99

Frank N Steins T-Shirt. Dr’s Frank N Steins Embalming Elixir T-Shirt. This amazing embalming elixir Livens Skin, Prevents Decay and Breaks Rigamortus. Made of 100% cotton and other secret ingredients.

The Following Statement Is True T-Shirt

The Following Statement Is True T-Shirt$19.95

The Following Statement Is True T-Shirt. Snorgtees is not responsible for any mind explosions.

A Link To The Force T-Shirt

A Link To The Force T-Shirt$19.95

A Link To The Force T-Shirt. Lightsaber boomerangs would be very dangerous.

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets T-Shirt

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets T-Shirt$19.95

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets T-Shirt. And that’s the way we liked it!

Springfield Isotopes T-Shirt

Springfield Isotopes T-Shirt$20.00

Springfield Isotopes T-Shirt. Show your love for the greatest AA Baseball team since the New Britain Rock Cats. huh?

Words Are For Nerds T-Shirt

Words Are For Nerds T-Shirt$20.00

Words Are For Nerds T-Shirt. “Oh. My. God. Did you just read this shirt? Loser! And you’re reading this RIGHT NOW. You DWEEB! You’re still reading…!”

Urkelometer T-Shirt

Urkelometer T-Shirt$20.00

Urkelometer T-Shirt. Compatible with all Urkelbots.

I Dyslexia Heart T-Shirt

I Dyslexia Heart T-Shirt$20.00

I Dyslexia Heart T-Shirt. For an added joke, wear this t-shirt backwards.

Nerd Ears T-Shirt

Nerd Ears T-Shirt$20.00

Nerd Ears T-Shirt. One’s logical, one’s immortal, and one wears orthopedic shoes.

Triple Nerd Score T-Shirt

Triple Nerd Score T-Shirt$20.00

Triple Nerd Score T-Shirt. If playing a crossword puzzle boardgame is nerdy, well then, I don’t wanna be cool!

Nerdy T-Shirt

Nerdy T-Shirt$20.00

Nerdy T-Shirt. At least you have your Cool Shirt. Oh, you traded that in for a 12-sided die? Um, wow.

Yo Mama T-Shirt

Yo Mama T-Shirt$20.00

Yo Mama T-Shirt. He was the father of modern insults, too.

I’m so Excited T-Shirt

I’m so Excited T-Shirt$20.00

I’m so Excited T-Shirt. Oh, Jessie Spano, who knew a woman with such intelligence would sink into a life of drugs. Why couldn\’t it have been Lisa? She had nothing going for her anyway…

Prose Before Hos T-Shirt

Prose Before Hos T-Shirt$20.00

Prose Before Hos T-Shirt. And here’s another thing. Ya know that cute girl in your english class that you’ve been trying to impress? This shirt should do the trick. It shows you’re smart and clever while making sure she knows you’ve got a sense of humor too. Place your order on a Monday, get the […]

someecards: Overwhelming T-Shirt

someecards: Overwhelming T-Shirt$20.00

someecards: Overwhelming T-Shirt. someecards: Overwhelming. Overwork. Obviously, you’re going to die. Another great funny t-shirt from Busted Tees.

Knowledge T-Shirt

Knowledge T-Shirt$20.00

Knowledge T-Shirt. It’s not what you know, it’s how many incriminating pictures you have of who you know.

Adamantium T-Shirt

Adamantium T-Shirt$20.00

Adamantium T-Shirt. This only passes for an element in Professor X’s chemistry class. huh?

Nerd T-Shirt

Nerd T-Shirt$20.00

Nerd T-Shirt. Psh, what are you, like, a rocket scientist? Oh, you are? Sorry.

Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt

Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt$20.00

Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt. Wear it and watch as snobs in normal tuxedo t-shirts gasp.

Anti-Clothes: Pac Man Graph T-Shirt

Anti-Clothes: Pac Man Graph T-Shirt$20.00

Anti-Clothes: Pac Man Graph T-Shirt. This shirt won’t make you any better at Pac Man, but it will make you worse at math.

Vintage Vantage: Science T-Shirt

Vintage Vantage: Science T-Shirt$20.00

Vintage Vantage: Science T-Shirt. If knowledge is so powerful, how come they don’t make atomic bombs out of it?

E MC Hammer T-Shirt

E MC Hammer T-Shirt$14.99

E MC Hammer T-Shirt. E = MC Hammer. This original shirt features our E = MC Hammer logo. Break out the parachute pants, it’s Hammer time!

Linux Apache MySQL PHP T-Shirt

Linux Apache MySQL PHP T-Shirt$14.99

Linux Apache MySQL PHP T-Shirt. Free you mind, go open source today! The open source A team!  Linux & Apache & MySQL and PHP. Check out this epic tee, made of 100% cotton with a white imprint. We like black shirts with white text. Why is this LAMP shirt black? It’s the darkest color they […]

Chuck Norris Element T-Shirt

Chuck Norris Element T-Shirt$14.99

Chuck Norris Element T-Shirt. Cn = Chuck Norris = Element of Danger. I always knew that Chuck Norris was created in a secret lab. Celebrate the combined power of Chuck and Science with this funny shirt.

Bad Spellers Untie T-Shirt

Bad Spellers Untie T-Shirt$14.99

Bad Spellers Untie T-Shirt. This is the perfect shirt for those of us who rely on spell checker to fix our spelling. Made of 100% cotton this cool tee shows the world that you are politically and grammatically incorrect! The shirt is steel grey and will look great as you re-take you language classes.

I’m Kind of a Big Deal T-Shirt

I’m Kind of a Big Deal T-Shirt$14.99

I’m Kind of a Big Deal T-Shirt 2. Inspired by Ron Burgundy and the movie Anchorman, this classic tee says it all. The I’m kind of a big deal shirt is a must have for any college wardrobe. This comfy tee is made of heavyweight 100% cotton and will look great with anything. The shirt […]

Youve Got Red On You T-Shirt

Youve Got Red On You T-Shirt$14.99

Youve Got Red On You T-Shirt. You’ve got red on you. It’s right there. We present out Foree electric shirt our nod to Shaun of the Dead. Made from 100% cotton and printed by our zombie workforce this shirt will become one of your favorites. * Zombies are dangerous and can still cause harm even […]

Cheesing T-Shirt

Cheesing T-Shirt$14.99

Cheesing T-Shirt. It the newest drug craze, CHEESING! Don’t let your kids get hooked on Cheese! Talk to your kids about CHEESING. Get this Cheesing t-shirt today! Made of 100% cotton this awesome shirt will be one of your favorites. Hey guys I’m Cheesing my F-ing brains out!

Aliens Vs. Predators Chess T-Shirt

Aliens Vs. Predators Chess T-Shirt$14.99

Aliens Vs. Predators Chess T-Shirt. It’s on now! Alien VS Predator chess match tee. Checkmate! If you love aliens and you love predators you’ll love this AVP chess match T-Shirt. Available in Lt Blue and Silver Grey

Pinhead Rubik T-Shirt

Pinhead Rubik T-Shirt$14.99

Pinhead Rubik T-Shirt. I have such sites to show you. If only I can get this last side done. Hellraiser and Rubik cube T-Shirt only from

Rule 32 T-Shirt

Rule 32 T-Shirt$14.99

Rule 32 T-Shirt. Rule 32 Enjoy the little things. Good advice even if you are not surrounded by zombie hordes. Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is one of the little things and so are Twinkies.

Nerdcore T-Shirt

Nerdcore T-Shirt$14.99

Nerdcore T-Shirt. This Nerdcore shirt pays homage to nerd culture and 8-bit games and music. Made of 100% cotton.

If You Believe In Telekinesis T-Shirt

If You Believe In Telekinesis T-Shirt$19.95

If You Believe In Telekinesis T-Shirt. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Stay Puft Radar T-Shirt

Stay Puft Radar T-Shirt$20.00

Stay Puft Radar T-Shirt. Stand fast! We’re picking something up on the radar. That’s not like any MIG I’ve seen before. It looks like some kind of life form. A round… pudgy life form. Unless my eyes deceive me, it appears to be made of giant, conjoined marshmallows. And wearing a… sailor cap? Oh no!! […]

You’re Not My Type T-Shirt

You’re Not My Type T-Shirt$20.00

You’re Not My Type T-Shirt. Tired of being groped by icky Eurotrash who don’t speak the language of “NO?” Do you get swarmed by Taiwanese businessmen every time you go out for karaoke? Is there a deaf stalker in your life who doesn’t know the sign for “restraining order?” No need to fear! Now there’s […]

The Political Mind T-Shirt

The Political Mind T-Shirt$20.00

The Political Mind T-Shirt. After a groundbreaking two-year study, scientists at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute announced today that they have made critical breakthroughs in understanding the political mind. In addition to the four major lobes of a normal brain, researchers found that many politicians have a fifth lobe, comprised of a mysterious “brown matter.”

Subliminal Eye Chart T-Shirt

Subliminal Eye Chart T-Shirt$20.00

Subliminal Eye Chart T-Shirt. Is your vision 20/20? How about your paranoia-vision? Now you can challenge onlookers to test their vision with the eye chart everyone should read. As the famous saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, though we could […]

Censored Document T-Shirt

Censored Document T-Shirt$20.00

Censored Document T-Shirt. The Pentagon released a report yesterday that officials say will silence allegations that many US troops in Iraq have suffered severe mental trauma. “There have been a lot of ugly rumors recently about troops experiencing severe anxiety, depression, nightmares, anger and even suicidal tendencies.” said Lt. Col. Jim Wald, a Pentagon spokesperson. […]

Hammer Time T-Shirt

Hammer Time T-Shirt$20.00

Hammer Time T-Shirt. Citizens in Oakland, Calif overwhelmingly passed Ballot Measure H last night, hereby changing the city’s timezone from Pacific Daylight to Hammer Time. Now, whenever someone asks what time it is, the answer will always be “Hammer Time.” Oakland mayor Ron Dellums heralded the result, saying that the city’s efficiency will skyrocket by […]

Darwin Scarface T-Shirt

Darwin Scarface T-Shirt$20.00

Darwin Scarface T-Shirt. Great news, movie lovers! Brian De Palma has been tapped to direct the upcoming Charles Darwin biopic. The film is not a faithful historical account but centers around a more “cinema-friendly” version of the great naturalist. In De Palma’s version, Darwin is a swaggering Cuban refugee who has only three things in […]

Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt

Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt$20.00

Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug T-Shirt. Yeah, Rick, we know. “Cocaine is a helluva drug.” But so is caffeine! And while it may not compel me to slap my good friend across the face, or kick mud all over his suede couch, that morning cup of joe gives me all the buzz I need! Matter […]

Palin Ignorance Is Bliss T-Shirt

Palin Ignorance Is Bliss T-Shirt$20.00

Palin Ignorance Is Bliss T-Shirt. Good for you, Sarah Palin. A lesser human might have wilted under the blaze of her own, blinding hypocrisy. But not you. You’re a regular gal who gets paid $100k for a night of speaking. Only in your world could a Tea Party made of mostly old, rich whites bitching […]

Noah’s Dilemma T-Shirt

Noah’s Dilemma T-Shirt$20.00

Noah’s Dilemma T-Shirt. Archaeologists with the group Creationists in Labcoats (CIL) said they have discovered caveman drawings in the remote town of Altoona, Kansas that confirm the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs some 6,000 years ago. What’s more, they said the drawings prove that dinosaurs marched two-by-two, along with all the other animals, onto Noah’s […]

You’re A Socialist T-Shirt

You’re A Socialist T-Shirt$20.00

You’re A Socialist T-Shirt. Healthcare reform, eh? Sounds like socialism to me. Economic stimulus? No thanks, Comrade! Financial regulatory reform? Well, sieg heil to you too, mein Fuhrer! While we’re at it, why don’t we all bust out the furry hats, get tanked on Stoli vodka, and do a Cossack dance all over George Washington’s grave? Because that’s where […]

Einstein Graffiti Stencil T-Shirt

Einstein Graffiti Stencil T-Shirt$20.00

Einstein Graffiti Stencil T-Shirt. A ruthless, and oddly scientific, street gang known as the Theoretikul Fizzicizts — or “TF” for short — has been terrorizing inner-city neighborhoods in recent months. TF members can be recognized by the trademark “E=mc2″ gang sign they routinely flash, as well as the distinctive “Relativistic Quantum Theory 4-Life” tattoo that […]

That’s What She Said Mark Twain T-Shirt

That’s What She Said Mark Twain T-Shirt$24.00

That’s What She Said Mark Twain T-Shirt. It’s hard to pick a favorite Mark Twain quote. “Always tell the truth; then you don’t have to remember anything.” Wise words! “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”Heh, so true. And, perhaps his most famous line, “That’s what she said.”

TCP-IP T-Shirt

TCP-IP T-Shirt$16.00

TCP-IP T-Shirt. If you could throw a punch through the Interwebs, you’d do it.

Oh Snap T-Shirt

Oh Snap T-Shirt$16.00

Oh Snap T-Shirt. There should be no further confusion on the usage of this wonderful phrase.

Necessity Is The Mother T-Shirt

Necessity Is The Mother T-Shirt$22.95

Necessity Is The Mother T-Shirt. This shirt was made out of a toothpick, a rubber band, and some tin foil.

Pirate Encyclopedia T-Shirt

Pirate Encyclopedia T-Shirt$22.95

Pirate Encyclopedia T-Shirt. This shirt is everything yarrrrr gonna need to be a pirate.