Funny T-Shirts from Around the Web

Dear Math, I’m Not a Therapist T-Shirt  Comments (0)

Including the extra credit problems please.  I wish this worked.

Check it out at Snorg Tees!

Bacon You Like This T-Shirt  Comments (0)

I mean who doesn’t like Bacon?  I think this t-shirt from Rizzo Tees is a great example of Bacon Love!

It’s printed on American Apparel and it’s only $16.

Bacon – You Like this.  Go Check it out!

Friday the 12th T-Shirt  Comments (0)

The Friday the 12th t-shirt.  After a nice little laugh I decided to share it.  This is probably one of my favorite t-shirts of all time.  A classic from Snorg Tees and it’s printed on American Apparel.

Last Minute Halloween T-Shirts and Costumes  Comments (0)

If you’re like me you alway wait until the last minute to buy anything.  Last year I waited until the day before Halloween to get my son’s(now 1 1/2) first costume.  Needless to say it didn’t work out too well.

80′s Tees has last minute Halloween T-Shirts and Costumes available and if you order them today by 4pm EST you can have them overnighted and to you by tomorrow.  So don’t be left behind this Halloween.  Go Check them out now!

Chewbacca Costume T-Shirt

Go Here for more Costume T-Shirts

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume

Go here for more Halloween Costumes

They do have a pretty good selection left, but I wouldn’t wait.


Top 10 Zombie T-Shirts  Comments (0)

It’s getting close to that time of year when zombies come out to play.  Zombie t-shirts have been pretty popular for a while and they range anywhere from the bloody and gross horror style t-shirt to the witty and funny type zombie t-shirts.  I tend to be a fan of both, and here’s a list of the top 10 zombie t-shirts. (In no particular order)

1. Zombies Ruined This T-Shirt

This is a great on and it’s new over at Snorg Tees.  I like it and it plays to the theme.  Guaranteed to get a laugh plus it’s about Zombies.  Check it out Here!

2.  In Case of  Zombies

In Case of Zombie T-Shirt

I’m pretty sure somebody over at Snorg Tees has a Zombie Fetish.  Check this Shirt out Here!

3.  Zombie Rib Cage T-Shirt

Zombie Rib Cage T-Shirt

Finally some real gore and guts action.  Great t-shirt from the folks at T-Shirt Bordello.  Notice the lack of a heart. Hmmm.  Check it out in it’s full glory here.

4.  I heart Zombies T-Shirt

I heart Zombies

Show your love for this one.  It comes in black or white.  Another T-Shirt Bordello Shirt.  Check it out here.

5.  Romero’s Zombie Control

Romero"s Zombie Control

One of the Best Zombie Shirts out there.  A throwback to the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero.  I think T-shirt Bordello hit a home run with this one.  Check it out here.

6.  Zombie Eat Flesh

Zombie Eat Flesh

This one is pretty genius and is also from T-Shirt Bordello.  These folks definitely have a zombie fetish.  Check it out here.

7. I Heart Brains

Eye Heart Brains

Brains!  It’s a classic Zombie Meal and another Zombie T-Shirt from T-Shirt Bordello.  Check it out here.

8.  If Zombies Chase Us

If Zombies Chase Us

Because that’s what friends do.  We sacrifice you for the greater good.  Check it out here.

9.  Equality

Equal rights for Zombies? If you’ve seen the TV show Ugly Americans you get it. You can pick this one up at 80′s Tees Check it out here.

10.  Zombie Survival Plan T-Shirt

Zombie Survival Plan T-Shirt

Last, but not least; the Zombie Survival Plan T-shirt.  Because everybody needs a plan.  You can check it out here.

And that’s it.  The top 10 Zombie T-shirts.  We’ve covered everything from zombie love to equal rights and even having a plan of action.  There are plenty of zombie t-shirts available out there these were just a few of my favorites.  Definitely check them out and if you have any that you think should have made the list definitely let me know.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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